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Sangthai Metalsheet
Panel Sheet



Highlights and length that are appropriate for the rib ST-850PN

1. ST-850PN has a height of 4 mm and a total width of 850 mm. The rib is shallow, elegant, eye-catching and modern. It can replace the use of smooth materials for ceilings, room partitions, factory doors or indoor and outdoor applications.

2. ST-850PN has seams along its length for added strength and can be installed vertically or horizontally. But ST-850PN should not be used as the roofing material.

3. Installation must check to check that the purlin line is at an appropriate distance level and should not exceed 50 cm. However, it depends on the thickness of the metal sheet.

4. It can be spliced ​​smoothly and looks beautiful and close together.

5. The installation system is BOLT TYPE with the size of 16 mm.

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