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Sangthai Metalsheet
Cooling Panel

Metalsheet Cooling Panel


Features of Sangthai Cooling Panel SPU-PN-800ES

1. It is suitable for being as a wall and ceiling for small to medium-sized works in houses, knock-down houses, farms-animal houses.

2. Made of smooth PU FOAM with seams for reinforcement and width up to 800 mm.

3. Use mounting system using external mounting screws.

4. Thickness PU FOAM has 3 sizes: 25mm, 40mm and 50mm. It depends on the FACING type.

5. Length is as required, but not more than 6 meters.

6. PU FOAM (FACING) has 3 types: METAL SHEET, FOIL, and PVC.

7. METAL SHEET's FACING material has wings on the sides of the sheet to make the seams smooth and beautiful.

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